Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

For those of you waiting with baited breath for the new Final Fantasy VII Remake you may have to wait a bit longer. There are a number of sources claiming that the game will in fact be released, but no absolute on exactly when. Not sure if we will get an announcement on the games development this year or next year. I just hope it isn’t too much longer until we get some kind of indication the game is in the works.

We wanted to share some pictures of the original Final Fantasy VII for those of you that are nostalgic out there. These pictures are also for anyone who is not familiar with FF7 and want to have a look. We may be doing a wallpaper update for FF7 down the road. This will allow you to decorate your monitor with style in anticipation for the remake release. There is also a video trailer below to get your juices flowing.

Details we have so far are that the game will be redone in HD. This will be very important for HD televisions as the old PlayStation version of Final Fantasy VII looks quite blurry when played. The developers are aware of this and once the game has finally been released you should be able to enjoy it in all it’s HD glory. final fantasy vii cover 1

Many fans have said that they would like to see an extended edition for this re-release. From what I have been hearing I believe there will be added content such as extended maps and other goodies. There may even be special characters added that were not seen in the original PlayStation release.

Sources say what is really holding Square Enix designers back on making the Final Fantasy VII remake are the fans. They want to be sure of exactly what fans really want to see in a remake before they continue with development. They are wrestling with the idea of a total remake from scratch or a remake with only updated HD graphics. The later of the these two options seems to be the more popular choice among many fans. Most fans just want to see Final Fantasy XII graphics used for the Final Fantasy VII remake.

While you wait for the release you may want to pull out your old PlayStation and play through the original FF7 one more time. It holds up quite well all this time later. Just avoid playing it on your HDTV. I usually play older games on my 15inch screen TV so that they don’t look stretched or blurry.

A total remake could take up to five years to finish while a graphics overhaul will probably take two years or less. I think the answer is simple. Which option sounds best to you? Anyhow let your voice be heard in our comments section!

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8 comments on Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

  1. videogamesworld12
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    awesome vid

  2. everttkastrick
    / Reply

    Where can I get this awesome game?

  3. jgfleet
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    I’d be interested in seeing a remake of Final Fantasy V too.

  4. Diego Medina
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    very nice

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  7. Galgamos
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    i love Final Fantasy VII

  8. ChariezMa
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    This is actually pretty cool

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